Fashion and Food

She is a dietitian consultant at Stelbim Nutri-fitness Consult with

• certificate in research design and methodology. University of Ibadan MEPI-J

Licensed/registered dietitian/nutritionist

• Certificate in Basic Life Support (Cognitive and Skills Evaluation)
American Heart Association (2016)

• B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
Second Class Upper Division
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State; a musician, a fashionista and makeup artist. A quick glance at her picture will verify she really is all of these and more. She is our first and super special guest for this week and without much ado let’s get down to business.

Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: I sing because it’s a gift and passion, I’m a dietitian and makeup artist because it’s my way of adding value to people, helping them live a healthy life.

Q: What’s your take on Fashion?
A: Fashion is interesting. I think life won’t be this interesting without it and remember, it’s also a good source of income.

Q: What about Fashion excites you?
A: The way it boosts confidence and just makes you feel so much better about yourself.

Q: There was a recent post of ours stating the fashion must-have in the wardrobe, can you share your personal top 5 fashion items with us?
A: Shoes, perfumes, watches, makeup products, jewelry.

Q: Is there any relationship between fashion and food
If yes, can you enlighten us?
A: Yes
Food itself can be called an art. And art is fashion, fashion is art.
Although beautiful, sumptuous food is not the first image associated with the fashion industry……Fashion, like food, is all about expression.
Food and fashion are very basic needs; we have to eat, we have to wear clothing. Food, shelter, clothing, love — they are all intertwined and essential.

Q: Some say “never skip breakfast” and others tell you well eat when you are chanced. What’s your professional advice in regards to this?
A: Never skip breakfast…. it’s the most important food of the day after a fasting period overnight.

Q: How healthy is our Nigerian food?
A: They are very healthy. Their method of preparation, varieties and quantity consumes makes this differ tho.

Q: What are the to-dos in order to live a healthy life?
A: Eat 3 times daily in appropriate quantity.
Don’t skip meals.
Exercise at least 100minutes a week.
Eat fruits and vegetables daily. Remember to laugh always and take vacations regularly

Q: What are the must-eat meals on a daily or weekly basis?
A: Water, fruits and vegetables.

Q: How do we know we are healthy?
A: Your weight and body fat distribution. Your ability to complete tasks without quick fatigue or poor concentration level

Q: What should we buy right now, today to boost our health?
A: Fruits and vegetables
A thread mill or good workout sneakers that u actually use to workout, not decorate

Q: Advice on how to start and maintain a good Fashion and Food lifestyle
A: Discipline and consistency.

Q: Social media accounts?
A: Ig @bymborlah and @stelbimconsult and twitter @bymborlah
Facebook @bymborlah Muyide

I sincerely hope this piece of interview session with Miss Bimbo has not just added value to you but was worth your time also.

In case of any personal question and enquiries, please do feel free to drop your comment as our guest will be available for the rest of the week to answer all our questions.

Do have a wonderful Wednesday

💞Beegracias 💞


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