Fashion Rules Never To Break

Long Tops over leggings rule.

Don’t wear open toe shoes when your toenails and feet look bad.

Don’t wear dark chunky shoes with light summer dresses.

Don’t wear sequins to work.

Big Chest + No Bra
Let the girls roam free at home if that suits you, but kindly keep them contained when you’re out and about.

Don’t wear jean jackets/shirts/blouses with jeans (double denim mistake), unless you mix the colors of denim. If they are the same, it just looks bad.

Don’t wear coloured undergarments with clothing that show through .

Don’t mix gold and silver jewelry.

Don’t wear a sport watch with an evening gown or cocktail dress.

Don’t wear mom jeans unless you are one.

Don’t wear pajamas in public.

Don’t reveal too much at once.

Feel comfortable in your outfit.

Ensure a proper fit.

Oversized Times Two
Baggy clothes on top of baggy clothes never works.

Wide-Legged Pants Tucked Into Boots
Ladies, you’re not in bootcamp. Don’t tuck if your pants have a fuller calf. If the pants are bootcut, wear them over the boot. If they’re only slightly wide in the calf, try rolling them up above the top of the boot.

Wear bold prints cautiously.

Don’t wear black to a daytime wedding, or bright red or white to any wedding unless it’s the wedding colour picked.

Don’t wear white pants or dresses after labor day.

Don’t wear hosiery or socks with sandals.

Consider the occasion!!!

With all said, what’s the number one rule you never gonna break guys? Share yours in the comment below.

💞Beegracias 💞


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