Hair and Fashion

Her name is Oluwasewasimilara Oluyemi. A graduate of Covenant University with a Bsc in Accounting, a certified Project Manager, a recording artist, a teenage mentor, a hair stylist and consultant in training and a dancer and drama queen in my free time.

Q: What’s Fashion to you?
A: Fashion is life, art and beauty.

Q: What interests you in Fashion?
A: Colours, Clothes, bags, everything about fashion.

Q: What is One fashion rule you never break?
A: Loool, umm that’ll be stripes on stripes.

Q: What’s the correlation between Hair and Fashion?

A:Hair is beauty, your hair says a lot about your fashion sense, your hair defines what you think about beauty.

Q: How do we recognize a healthy hair?
A: A healthy hair looks rich, shines and it’s not dull, full edges and the roots aren’t thin.

Q: Everyone wants a longer hair, share some quick tips with us?
A: OK, make sure to keep a clean scalp, treat your hair as often as once in two months, I’m talking about deep conditioning, protein treatment and the likes. Then contrary to popular opinion you don’t need a huge sum of amount to keep a healthy hair, apply natural bases ingredients on your scalp.

Don’t sleep with your hair exposed to just your pillow case if it’s not satin.
Let your hair breathe and embrace protective styles, guard your edges also.

Q: What’s the way to go when fighting friz?
A: You need to check your shampoo and routine. Using a sulphate free shampoo will most likely combat frizz then don’t forget your leave-in conditioner.

For soft hair use a leave-in strengthener, for coarse or hard hair use a cream conditioner.

Q: What shampoo will keep my hair from getting frizzy?
A: Any sulphate free shampoo or black soap like Dudu Osun.

Q: What is a fast, easy way to get volume?
A: Add castor oil to your regimen.

Q: Lot of people have the Split hair challenge with their hair, could you kindly share with us the causes and remedies for split hair?

A: Split hair is a damage caused by dry hair or bad treatment or detangling of hair. It can be prevented by detangling with a wide comb, using a leave-in, add a little coconut oil, drink lots of water, eat balanced diet, instead of shampooing use the co-wash method that means washing with conditioner, avoid pile up on your hair, avoid use of chemicals too till your hair is healthy again.

Q: Can a natural hair be made wavey effortlessly and how?
A: Usually the African natural hair is kinky in nature that in itself is wavy but to make the curls and twists come out more u can do the usual twists, flat twist, two strand twist and three strand twist, after adding leave in conditioner.

Q: How can one groom his/her to a healthy state? Any daily or weekly routine?
A: Yes, daily regimen includes spraying your hair with water mixed with leave in conditioner and oil.

Growing up I used to think gray hair was solely to old people, but now I see and know otherwise. The thing is most people are not so comfortable with gray strands on their heads, so they wish to hide it at least.

Q: How can we successfully hide grays?
A: Loool! I love grey hair but to hide grey hair hmmmm…. There’s one remedy that I know but I haven’t tried it out before u can use coconut and lemon, you basically mix the lemon juice and oil together and apply on your scalp, wash off after.
But generally speaking you can get highlights if the grey hair isn’t spread across. You can try the black tea rinse, henna, curry leaves, potato peels rinse, black coffee, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, (For application please message).

Q: Is changing the brand of shampoo and conditioner every few months a healthy practice for the hair?
A: No I wouldn’t advice that.

Now to hair dye!
I love to try me things as I am adventurous. So I really wanna get my hair colour spiced up but I have mentioned it to a couple of friends but the feedback I got wasn’t impressive. Apparently, the issue of dying hair is controversial.

Q: So as a hair doctor, what’s your take on hair dye?
A: I will dye my hair pretty soon, people normally discourage it because we don’t follow the adequate steps before and after dying our hair so it causes breakage.

Q: Does it affect the growth and the general health of the hair?

A: If wrongly applied and due process isn’t followed, yes.

Q: How often can I switch between colours?
A: Whao, I wouldn’t advice switching between colours too often. It’s not healthy for your hair, usually let your hair colour wear out and the effect of the previous color wear off before another one.

Q: What can I do to help stop my hair colour from fading?
A: Do you mean the dyed colour? If yes, I don’t think anything can be done to stop it. Reason being that your hair will grow and so the roots will always fall off to give room for newer roots.

Q: What’s the most universally flattering hairstyle for a woman over 20?
A: If u mean a naturalista, I would say styling your natural hair in a gorgeous way is usually your best bet but if not, there are variety of styles you could rock from fixing a weave of your choice or having your hair braided.

Q: Keeping natural hair seems to be the main deal for now. Do you think this trend as come to stay forever? Or will it fly away after some time?
A: Ok, well I would say it has come to stay, because Africans are getting aware of the beauty and power our hair carries, so we’re proud to flaunt it now!

Q: What are the things that can be used in maintaining a natural hair?

A: Natural ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut oil, Neem leaf oil, Curry leaf oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Rose Mary oil, Leave in conditioner, Water, Aloe Vera, Olive oil.

Q: Final words for our reader?
A: Your hair is your crown you never take off please take great care of it.
You don’t have to spend a million to care for your hair, you can make do with your black soap, affordable leave in conditioner, Shea butter, Coconut oil and Aloe Vera. God bless you.

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A healthier hair, a healthier world! Let’s do this!!!!



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