DIY Day: Maxi – Tail Skirt

Revamp your wardrobe, revamp your skirt, revamp your style, revamp your fashion statement with our no-sew skirt transformation.

Things needed:



Tape rule

Maxi skirt

1. Turn the skirt inside-out.

2. Spread the skirt on a flat and smooth surface with the front area to one edge and the back to the other.

3. Trace out the desired shape(with the chalk) by measuring the desired length for the front and trace it all the way down. (As shown in the picture)

4. Cut out the traced line with the scissors.

5. Turn the skirt right back out and your new tail skirt is ready to wear.

Note: Weave the edge of the skirt so as to avoid the fabric wool from falling out.

Easy right?

Time to try this out, your feedbacks are highly appreciated and please don’t forget to share with your loved ones.



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