Social Media’s Blessings

So I came across a write-up of mine from July 3rd, 2017, and I thought it best to share with you. It’s definitely going to be worth reading. Here we go…..

Few days back, I saw a video of Sam Adeyemi (a profound Teacher and Speaker),

talking about “Information”. The clip was short but I didn’t remain the same afterwards. I came to realise how long a break I have been on from reading(I took a break from reading books with no reasonable excuse). It sparked up the passion to get back to reading and I am grateful.

Day after day we see video clips, pictures, memes, write-ups everywhere on social media.

Some very impactful and loaded whilst some you can barely make a sense out of.

Notwithstanding, I strongly believe that we all come across what we need in life in all of these “materials”, a little something to take us a step further, a piece to refire us, how to be a better version of ourselves or just maybe a joke to brighten our day.
I say all these to say, it’s important and beneficial to put our hearts to what we come across online, knowing fully well that a word we need for the now might be right in our front but still pass us by.

Not all will be good, nourishing or beneficial but for the life transforming piece, I say – never let it slip away.

If you must use your data/time on anything, get something positive out of it. Nothing is a waste, not even the data/time you use up on social media. Be Wise!!!

It’s a new week, so let’s go do things differently and make a difference.



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