Tie-dye (Adire)

We already know that Fashion is limitless and it’s diversity is equally enormous. So I decided to gain more knowledge in the field with the focus on Tie-dye, a.k.a. Adire.
To that effect, I brought a professional onboard as usual, to share with us her expertise, in order for us to broaden our knowledge on this thing called FASHION.

She is a Fashionista, business minded boss lady who loves business and at every point in time, always been in one business or the other. She sold garri Ijebu while in school and while serving at Akwa Ibom; sold bedspread and equally skilled in Fashion Designing (Unisex). She got her Adire training last year and kick start it as a business same year.
A graduate of Philosophy from Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. She is a native of Osun State, Nigeria. She is Akinyoade Temitope Abiodun and here is what she has for us today.

Q: What is Fashion to you?
A: Fashion to me is a medium to dress such that my confidence level, concentration and composure level will be strengthen. Therefore beyond combining colors, how I dress is important equally important.

Q: What interests you in Fashion? A: Basically, it’s the beauty of colors, how it can be combined. Fashion can help one make a statement, such that it can pass a message across without having to say anything.

Q: What is that one fashion rule you never break?
A: Wear something you are comfortable in always.

Q: Why tie-dye?
A: I was thinking of doing my bedspread business in a different way, and Adire came to mind, it brings with it the opportunity to create designs you want, it enables you play with colors too.
With Adire, you can have a special design that will solely be yours alone, just like one’s signature.

Q: Is tie-dye really hot?
A: Absolutely and I really mean it, the reactions from people when they see how beautiful it is, is enough.
Adire, stands you out, it can make you the center of attraction.

Q: What colour should I wear?
A: I will rather say how well do you know colors? The beauty of Adire is in the colors. You can use as many colors as possible for one fabric… e.g blue, green, red, and so on.

Q: How fashionable is tie-dye?
A: A beautiful tie-dye in the hand of a fashionista will be breathtaking. Therefore, how fashionable it is, is human dependent and history has shown that Adire has stand the test of time.

Q: What can be a tie-dye piece be teamed up with?
A: Anything your mind can imagine, you can rock it as a top on a jean, waist coat in a suit, you can rock it as a shoe by using the fabric for that purpose, as a gown. Anyhow you want it actually.

Q: How’s accepted is it in the market?
A:It is widely acceptable I can say, the acceptance outside our shores is enough testimony.

I once had a bad experience with a tie-dye piece, it literally tore apart at mere poking. I never really got to make anything with it though the fabric looked so sweet.
Q: So please tell us exactly why that was and is tie-dye durable at all?
A: I must say, this incident is inevitable in any business, so it’s not peculiar to tie-dye. The fabric used is very crucial. It is one of the most important thing to look into first.
And tie-dye is very durable, believe you me. Like I said fabric used is very important and maintenance from buyers is equally important.

Q: What can be made with a tie-dye?
A: Excellent for interior design, bag, shoe, hair bond, suit, dress, among many others.

Q: How can it be maintained?
A: I will suggest use of bar soap compare to using detergent.

Q: What’s tie-dye rating among other African fabrics out there? A: It’s at the fore front. And I don’t see it getting kicked out.
It is globally accepted now and always.

You can follow our guest on her social media platforms Facebook: Akinyoade Temitope
Instagram: akinyoadetemitope Twitter: Charisbabe1

If you want to stay trendy and in vogue, then get yourself at least one Tie-dye item in your wardrobe.
Don’t just admire it in others, get into the groove yourself.

It’s a beautiful piece that’s worth sharing with your loved ones as I have shared with you, so don’t forget to spread it across to everyone that matter.
Your feedback is my reward and I hope to read from you in the comment session down the page.
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Let’s go have a great one today guys!!!!!



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